Arduino LED Project: Albero digi(Na)tale

My first Arduino LED Project: Albero digi(Na)tale - a sculpture, an "exotic" Christmas tree, made of recycled materials and LEDs controlled by Arduino (2012).


Albero digi(Na)tale is a sculpture, made of recycled materials (CD, copper and plastic pipes, electric cables, wood), equipped with LEDs controlled by Arduino. It is aimed at evoking the shape of a strange "exotic" tree decorated by Christmas decorations.

It is a work in progress started in the fall of 2012. It has currently reached its final stage by a visual point of view. Arduino controls the lighting and the power off of the LEDs through a program. In order to generate perceptually aperiodic sequences, the code uses prime numbers for the computation of pulse lights intervals.

See more pictures on my tumblr blog.