Acousmatic compositions 2011 - 2018

Flusso presents a collection of acousmatic compositions realized from 2011 to 2018. The ten works collected here do not have a common theme and for the most part they share only the same passion and curiosity towards the research of sound. The title derives from the name of a series of digital images, used for many of the graphics in this collection, created in 2012 from photographs taken with very long exposure times. The term Flusso (Flow) is also to represent this liquid attitude with which I have often identified myself during the realization of the works presented here, descending into the flow of electronic sounds and of Life.

  1. Ora et labora 09:30
  2. AnalogaMente I 03:47
  3. AnalogaMente II 08:04
  4. Risonanze 07:48
  5. Ritratto sonoro II 02:48
  6. Studio I su Le corde dell'Anima 04:02
  7. Cronos caos 06:21
  8. Ritratto sonoro I 03:07
  9. PN 10:01
  10. Studio II su Le corde dell'Anima 04:13

Released October 11, 2018