Silenzio Interiore

Sound installation (2013).

Svelare l’inaudito,
l’emergere dell’inascoltato
percezioni di icone sonore
nel proprio Silenzio Interiore

Antar Mouna:
The Sanskrit word mouna means 'silence', and antar means 'inner'.
Therefore the English name of this practice is 'inner silence' and it is a great sadhana designed to make the aspirant aware of the inner silence as well as the inner noise which generally prevents one from knowing the silence. [...] It can truly be said that in this practice through the awareness of inner noise you will come to know the voice of silence, the golden sound that sings of eternity.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Meditations from the Tantras, Bihar School of Yoga, p. 211,212.

The installation proposes a modern reinterpretation of the religious icons typical of the Byzantine tradition. The idea of a sound icon was explored through the creation of objects capable of capturing, processing and reproducing sounds. The shapes and the dimensions, as well as the decorative techniques used, refer to the tradition of ancient sacred icons. The sound materials used are of various kinds and include: human voices, sounds of natural and animal environments, musical fragments. These materials, as well as the sound picked up by the microphones, are subjected to different types of processing and transformations realized in real time by the computers. The objects, no less than three, are appropriately arranged in the environment to create an articulated and complex sound space in which each visitor can develop a personal path of listening and relating to the work.

"The true expression comes from an absolute inner silence" - Sri Aurobindo

We thank the Maestro Alessandro Carpino for the support and collaboration offered for the preparation of the work and for the realization of the decoration of wooden materials.

Oil and tempera on wood, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, preamplifiers, audio cables, calculators, servo motors, Arduino boards, hardware materials. Wooden and methacrylate bases.




Photo of the exhibition at Galleria Nazionale, Cosenza in February 2013

More photo at Galleria Nazionale, Cosenza February 2013

More and more photo at Galleria Nazionale

Pictures of the set up at Galleria d’arte Provinciale Santa Chiara di Cosenza June 2013


Minia in Art in Progress Galleria Nazionale di Cosenza - 22 Febbraio / 2 Marzo 2013

Minia in Art in Progress 2.0 Galleria d’Arte Santa Chiara - Cosenza - 21 Giugno /19 Luglio 2013.


Tele Cosenza: “Art in Progress 2.0”, la mostra “Minia”