Water Pollution

Interactive sound installation (2017)

Water Pollution is an interactive sound installation dedicated to Water as a vital resource for survival on our Planet. The main aim of this work is to remind us to pay specific attention to this essential Element for life that today is increasingly connected to environmental problems and threats such as water pollution and the scarceness of water resources due to drought and Global Warming.

The installation was set up for the first time at Forte di ArghillĂ  in Reggio Calabria in early August 2017 for the FACE - Festival Arte CreativitĂ  Ecocultura. For this first exhibit it was presented with the temporary title "Skrjabin water keyboard", which, pragmatically, made explicit the inspiration drawn from the theories about association between sounds and colours formulated by the Russian composer Aleksandr Skrjabin in the early Twentieth Century.

Later, the installation was set up once again with a new title "Acqua non potabile" (Undrinkable water) in the exhibit USE[LESS] at the Museo del Presente in Rende (CS) from 27th September to 13th October 2017 inside the collective exhibition Geni Comuni. This second name was chosen to link the installation to the theme of the exhibition, dedicated to exploring the useless and the problems related to the reduction of consumption, shifting the focus on Water as an essential resource for life.

The main idea of the installation is to transform nine bottles full of coloured water into the keys of a virtual and surreal organ.

Technical Details