Trame: acousmatic experimental music

Trame is a composition dedicated to the Kurdish people and to all the peoples forced to live in Resistance.

It was born in 2017 as soundtrack of an installation result of an artistic laboratory intended for migrants and asylum seekers. The voices of the participants were recorded, processed and included in the composition. Among these, the voices of two Kurdish migrants who in addition to telling their own story have also sung their traditional song were particularly used.

If our body, like silkworms, left a small colored filament, our movement and action over time would create a dense texture, an intricate and colorful textile. Thus the Mediterranean sea would become an immense colored tapestry that would tell the passage, the joy, the pain and even the death of many human beings on the run.

These are the "Trame" that this work wants to represent through environmental sounds, voices and the sound of a flute to create an auditory narration that, hopefully, will fascinate and also make us reflect on today's dramas.


The first execution of the new version of the composition Trame will take place on the occasion of the fourth edition of the Sound Pedro festival, dedicated to Sound art and ear-oriented experience, promoted by the collective FLOOD, at the Angel Gate Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately for the exceptional conditions we are experiencing due to the covid19 emergency, the festival will only take place online exploring the theme of schizophony, a term coined by R. Murray Schafer to describe the condition of separation between the original sound source of a sound and its reproduction in a different time and space made possible by electroacoustic technologies.

Here the program of Sound Pedro festival.

Watch the video of Trame made for the online presentation at the Sound Pedro Festival. Editing and post-production by Francesco Cristiano.

Trame has also been included in the music program of the 2020 edition of the Sound and Music Computing conference (SMC2020) which will take place in Turin in the end of June. Also this event will take place only online.

Here the musical program of SMC 2020.

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